Combo & Key

Escape with a story.


Combo and Key in Beaverton, OR is all about the story when it comes to Escape Rooms.

Come join us and help us figure out what's going on with our missing doctor!


Psycho Pschool now available!!!

My what a amazing journey it has been. Thank you all for your support in growing our business. We hope you enjoyed our first room and now we give you our new room. 

PSYCHO PSCHOOL: Out for Summer.

From the twisted mind of James (the one who brought you MIA OD) we bring you a new journey to discover. A mysterious and crazy school teacher has come to Combo & Key. He has taken it upon himself to teach a new kind of class, one in which working together is of the utmost importance. Throughout the 60 minutes you will be brought back to school, solving logic problems and tackling mind twisting clues to escape. Will you survive?