The Occultist's baby

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A strange, old woman called and has asked me to take care of her new child. While I have my suspicions on where he is actually from, I've been too busy taking care of him to worry about it or even finish the tasks she has asked of me. I need your help to finish what I've started and escape before she gets back.  

Chores can be a pain, but not finishing them could hurt a lot more.

Capacity: 6 People

Difficulty: 3/5


What to Expect from The Occultist's Baby

           While the full explanation of the situation will be fully explained on the day of your event, we can give you a quick run down of what to expect.

          You've been asked by a babysitter to help out with some chores around the house. The babysitter has been hard at work tending to the baby but not really focusing on the chores. Failure to do the chores could mean the demise of the world as we know it.

          Once you and your team find the chore checklist, you should embark on the journey of puzzle solving and chore finishing!


Behind the Scenes

          The Occultist's Baby was conceptualized around the same time Roxanne and James found out they were expecting their first son. We designed the room as a way to showcase our anxiety toward first-time parenthood and how the pressures of doing everything can be overwhelming but also rewarding all at once.

          This also allowed them to bring their son into work without any confusion from players in rooms. Hear a baby laughing in the other room? No, it's not technical trickery, that's just the little one!

Please note that he is a very quiet baby and will not disrupt and players during their sessions. We promise!