Combo & Key

Escape with a story.


Combo and Key in Beaverton, OR is all about the story when it comes to Escape Rooms.

Come join us and help us figure out what's going on with our missing doctor!


Our Rooms

At Combo & Key we pride ourselves on you not just getting out of a room, but escaping with a story.            

Your Experiences here will become a tale to tell your friends and family. 

won't you dive down the rabbit hole with us?


The Occultist's Baby

After the events of The Case of the Missing O.D., the evil Lazarov is a literal spawn of Satan to something much bigger and much worse. 

Hopefully the demon baby's Babysitter can gather people to help them finish all the chores before Daddy gets home and causes world destruction earlier than intended.

Capacity: 6                                         Difficulty:???

Psycho PSchool Picture2.jpg

Welcome to
Psycho Pschool

A teacher has gone mad after realizing the world is no longer cooperative. His madness has led to locking 8 "students" in a classroom.

I heard he likes bombs. hopefully no one blows up.


Capacity:8                                        Difficulty:3/5