Psycho Pschool

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As a student, you must help the Teacher's Assistant get to a bomb locked away somewhere inside the room. Using backpacks, clues, and items to help you solve puzzles, you must work together to escape the blast!

Capacity: 8 People

Difficulty: 4/5


What to Expect from Psycho Pschool

         Welcome to Psycho Pschool! (The P's are silent.)

         While the full explanation of the situation will be fully explained on the day of your event, we can give you a quick run down of what to expect.

         A teacher's assistant has called you in for some help. Someone locked them away and set up a bomb - rigged to explode if they left the building. You must help them escape!

         Each person will receive a backpack that they will have responsibility over! Using all of the backpack's contents, people will need to figure out all the puzzles using items from other backpacks to help them solve theirs. People will need to work as a team to help them sort everything out and get to the bomb.

         Psycho Pschool is a direct response to our first room, M.I.A. O.D. Case of the Missing Doctor. In that room, we seen a lot of people not working well together, so we wanted a way to give them an opportunity to communicate and work as a team in a unique way.