HUGE Announcement!

Hello Everyone!

I'm James! I am the co-owner and lead designer at Combo & Key Escape Rooms!

This past year and change has been spectacular. A lot of people came and tried to test out our rooms. A lot were successful, and many more weren't as lucky. Win or lose, we just hope you all had fun in our rooms.

But now is a time for change.

In February...

We will be retiring our MIA OD room and will be replacing it with a whole new room. We've been working hard to make our new room something different and we hope you'll enjoy it. This next room is going to be made by my wonderful and beautiful Co-Owner/Wife Roxanne and it will be a fun room!

In the weeks to come...

While she's not working on the escape room, Roxanne's working on creating something a little more wonderful. Roxanne and I are expecting our first born some time in March! This is a huge deal for the both of us and we are thrilled to have someone who can help us run the business for free in the future!

Now, with this upcoming change to our lives, we ask for you as our customers to stick with us. We will have less availability for the next month, and that will head into March a little bit as well.

We will still be accepting reservations around these times but please be advised that, given the circumstances, we MAY have to reschedule appointments.

We want to work with you all any way we can. If we have to move you around we will make it as easy and simple as we possibly can. Hopefully the little guy will come out on our weekend and we won't need to make any last minute cancellations, but we can't always be so lucky!

If you happen to be scheduled on the day of the birth, then we will reschedule you to the earliest time of your convenience AS WELL AS a complimentary/celebratory one (1) pass for 2 people that you can use at any point in the future for ANY room by Combo & Key from now until forever!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at OR give us a call at (971)217-7090

Thanks again for understanding.

We love you all,

James and Roxanne McKeever

Combo & Key Escape Rooms


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