Booking and Schedule

"I can only select (two/Four) people when I want to schedule for 6/8?"

  • If you are running into this problem, it is because there are others in that group! If you're a full group of 6 or 8 and it's not letting you book the appropriate amount of people, it's because there are already some slots in that session booked up. If you're running into this problem, you will have to chose a different time/date!

"I bought a groupon/living social and I don't know where to put the code?"

  • If you're having trouble finding a place to put your code (the 7-8 letter code), retrace your steps! It should be at the very beginning stages of the booking process!  Is the room your booking the correct room? Did you read the fine print? You got this! I believe in you! if you're having trouble finding it, you might have some trouble in the actual escape room.

"I've been calling since Monday and have not heard back! I even left messages! What's going on?!"

  • Sorry! We'll get back to you soon! I promise! if you tried calling us on a Monday or Tuesday and we haven't answered, it's because of one very simple reason! We're closed! Call us at 8am and didn't get anyone answering? another simple reason! we're closed!
    we usually arrive at the office within an hour of our first appointment that day. We do try to make sure that if you're our first appointment and you call us, we will try to answer (in case you hit traffic - or caused it). The best thing to do is leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!
    We realize that it's unorthodox to not answer all our calls immediately throughout the day every day, but it's a matter of being able to separate our lives from work for at least a short while through the day! We hope you understand!

"There doesn't seem to be any availability on a day that you're normally open. That's weird."

  • Combo & Key is privately owned by James and Roxanne, a married couple with lives and a brand new baby. There are some days that we might be closed in order to run errands. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause but we do try our best to stay open as much as we can!

Age restrictions and our rooms

"What are the age requirements?"

  • We have a strict requirement that no one under the age of 10 will be allowed in. Children under a certain age  are typically first to feel "out of their element" and therefore turn to idling in a corner while their older companions solve all the puzzles. At combo & Key, our puzzles - as well as our story elements - are designed Specifically for anyone over the age of 10. 

"Are you wheel-chair Accessible?"

  • While each room is easy to manuver and has the ability to be wheel-chair accessible, There are 6 stairs you need to get up in order to get into the building. We are currently working on alieviating this problem and will update you as soon as we do. we are sorry for any inconvience this may cause.

"Is there anything scary? I don't wanna be scared. :( "

  • Our rooms will always have some imminent threat at hand. Whether it be "death", "blowing up", "Flammable Gas" etc, there's always a good chance that something bad will happen to you in the hour if you don't finish. While a general panic to finish is always present, there will be nothing extremely scary present in the rooms aside from some things that may occur during the experience along with some props that are designed to make the threat feel more realistic. Nothing will pop out, there will be no hidden actors behind any locked cabinets unless we explicitly state so on the event page.