Combo & Key - run by a couple
who love puzzles

We decided to create an experience where getting out of a room wasn't just the sole reason for escaping. Each story is hand crafted by us to give you a event you won't soon forget. The both of us create all the props ourselves and work hard to bring exciting and challenging new rooms to you as often as we can.

Thank you to all who have helped shape this business and for every guest who has come in and supported us!



James has done many different things in the past. From Optician to Optometric Technician. From Cashier to Supervisor. He's worked at anywhere from hardware stores to GoKart places.

For his bachelor party he was dragged unknowingly to an Escape Room and has since fallen in love with them.

James is a huge video game fan with an embarrassingly large catalog of games. He's also a huge fan of movies, television and mostly all other forms of media. He wanted to create video games himself, but coding is something that is beyond his comprehension. instead, he's stuck to making much more physical games in the form of Escape Rooms!


James was a Lead Designer on:

  • M.I.A. O.D. - The Case of the Missing Doctor

  • Psycho Pschool


Roxanne worked in kitchens for years before leaving to help James run the business.

Roxanne is also a huge gamer and it was her love for games that allowed James to talk to her without feeling too awkward. (Fun fact: he was still awkward)

She loves puzzles and going an extra mile to make sure everything works the way its intended.

James will be forever thankful for Roxanne for helping him out with everything from phone calls to scheduling, puzzle tweaking and brainstorming. James is very lucky to have her on his side. James thinks Roxanne is very pretty and a great wife and a great mother.*


Roxanne was a Lead Designer on:

  • The Occultist's Baby


*This was all definitely not written by James. Nope. It was totally unbiased. Promise.